Whitefriars Sailing Club Hire Fleet

Do you want to try out a different type of boat, use a boat if yours is unavailable or you are ‘between boats’? Or are you a new member who has not yet decided what boat to buy? Maybe you would like to sail with your family or friends?

The Sailing Club currently has five boats available for Club members and affiliated group members to hire.

1. Comet Trio – white hull
2. Laser – black hull – sail no. 139379 “L13”
3. Laser – blue hull – sail no. 121640 “L12”
4. Laser 2000 - sail no 21239
5. RS Vision

It is also possible to hire the RS Q’BAs from the Junior fleet - please email for details

The Lasers have a choice of rig, standard, radial and 4.7 if unsure of which rig to use, please see the guide below:

Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis. WSC management reserve the right to refuse or cancel a booking.
Please email [email protected] to enquire of availability or to make a booking. Alternatively speak to Tim Hopes or Rupert Whelan.
Do not plan to use the boat without checking availability. A boat may not be in use when you arrive at the Club to use it, but may be booked by someone else for a later session. An existing booking overrides any non-booked use and may result in disappointment.

Fees (from 1st January 2019)

  • Comet Trio: £10 per race, £15 per session, £25 per day
  • Laser: £10 per race, £10 per session, £20 per day
  • Laser 2000: £10 per race, £15 per session, £25 per day
  • RS Vision: £10 per race, £15 per session, £25 per day

A ‘session’ is more than one race but less than a day

Hire boats used for WSC RYA training courses are free-of-charge for the duration of the course, however must still be booked and are subject to the rules

Payments can be made online
Sort code: 40-43-35
a/c number : 91215590
a/c name: Whitefriars Sailing Club
Please give the payment a reference “Laser hire” , “Trio hire” or "L2000 hire" followed by your surname.

Or payment can be made in cash or cheque made payable to “Whitefriars Sailing Club” to any committee member within 24 hours of hire.
Please note that payment does not guarantee booking: bookings must be confirmed.

Sailing Skills
The hire boats must only be sailed by a club member on board (either helming or crewing) who has a minimum RYA level 2 (Juniors RYA Stage 3) or demonstrated equivalence.

Sailing is meant to be fun, but please do ensure that you have your fun in safety! Club rules must be followed regarding use of buoyancy aids and safety cover or ‘buddy-sailing’.
Masthead buoyancy bags are available in the sail store for those that prefer to use them.

The person hiring the boat is responsible for ensuring that the person(s) sailing have sufficient competency for the weather conditions at the time of use in the type of boat being used.

Please see the Hire Fleet Terms and Conditions

Your liability
At this time we do not charge a damage deposit like many other clubs do. However as the hirer you have certain responsibilities and failure to meet these responsibilities could result in you being charged for damage repair or replacement parts.

How to rig our boats
The boats have been supplied with illustrated notes showing the rigging. Individual sailors may have their own rigging methods but this is the club method - please stick to it or a re-rigging charge (£10) may be made. In this way it is easier to maintain the gear, ensure nothing is missing and give trouble-free use.

If you find parts missing or incorrectly stored then let us know straight away, otherwise as the hirer you become responsible for missing or broken gear!

Rigging guides

Which Laser Rig to Use
If you're trying to decide which Laser rig to use, the suitable Laser weight ranges are:

Standard Rig (7.1 Sq.metres): 75 - 85 kilos. Men's Olympic Open Class Singlehander. Over 90 kilos and you'll be too heavy. Any less than 75 and you'll struggle in windy conditions. Very exhilarating off wind when it's windy, but you'll need fast reactions.

Radial Rig (5.8 Sq.metres): 65 - 75 kilos. The Women's Olympic Singlehander and the ISAF Youth Single-hander. A smaller but more powerfully-cut sail, often as fast upwind as a Standard rig, but loses out downwind. When its honking the Radial's reduced sail area makes it more controllable than the Standard, but its power can catch you out; you can't flatten it to the same extent.

4.7 Rig (4.7 Sq. metres): suitable for sailors 45 - 70 kilos. 45 kilos is the absolute minimum weight for a 4.7, you won't be heavy enough to get it upright again if you're any lighter than 45 kg.

New for 2020: Laser Carbon fibre tiller and extensions and Hawk wind indicators. These are intended for those with some experience of Laser sailing to use during racing. The tiller extensions are very long (1.3m) to permit full hiking. The usual tillers and extensions should be used by those less experienced. The carbon tillers and extensions have been trimmed to fit the respective rudder stocks. They must not be used on other boats. These are stored separately, please ask if you require them.