Duties & Dutyman Duty Rota

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The continued success of Whitefriars Sailing Club is due to the dedication and enthusiasm of our members. Without their continued support, expertise and availability we wouldn’t be able to offer such a broad and varied programme of training, sailing and social events.

All duties are uploaded to our online Dutyman Rota. This makes it easy for members to volunteer for their preferred duty as well as manage and swap duty allocations between each other.

To maintain the smooth and safe running of the Club, we need members with certain knowledge and expertise, therefore some members may find themselves allocated to more than one duty per rota.  Please be assured the organiser makes every effort to minimise the number of duties per member and we are extremely grateful to those members who carry out multiple duties.

We run training sessions through the season for OOD/AOD and SO/ASO, so encourage as many members as possible to attend one or other training for improved flexibility for all.  As per our Club Rules (Section 3) the membership community are required to undertake duties as specified in the sailing program.


Officer of the Day and Assistant Officer of the Day

Safety Officer and Assistant Safety Officer

Site maintenance and grass cutting

Kitchen duty

Wednesday evening catering support

House and grounds duties (cleaning, maintenance, bins etc)



  1. Once the Duty Rota is published to Dutyman, you will receive an email notification.
  2. Please log into Dutyman to indicate you have seen the duty.
  3. To make it swappable please confirm by first displaying it in the roster then expanding it by clicking the i button and selecting one of the Confirm options.
  4. At the end of the duty rota there are a list of members indicating “No Duty” but visible for swapping. You can then swap duties to ensure you have your preferred duties, when you want them.
  5. Please remember it is your responsibility to find a replacement to undertake your duty if you are unable to do it.

For help see the videos at http://www.dutyman.biz/keyfeatures.aspx