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We welcome new members all year round.

Our membership calendar starts in April but the cost is reduced if you join later in the year.

Membership options and costs are summarised below but you make a final choice after clicking the Sign Up button that directs you to the Members Portal.

At the Portal pick a membership option, request a berth if you already have a dinghy and provide some basic contact information. There’s no need for any payment at this stage - it simply passes your request to our Membership Team.

If you're uncertain of your choices or have any questions then please contact the Membership Team using this email link [email protected]

Once we have your details, one of our team will be in touch and arrange for you to visit the Club and offer a guided tour of the lake, boat park and Clubhouse.

Hopefully, this visit will swing it for you and we can take the next step to welcoming you as member. Your choices can be finalised and paid through the Members Portal, and you can congratulate yourself on making a good choice. If you’re keen to get going, it’s possible to have the whole process completed in a week.

Further Information

We look forward to receiving your application and seeing you enjoy time on and around Whitefriars’ lake.

The Membership Team

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Full Single Adult Membership 2024/25:

Open to any person over 18 on subscription due date. Entitles named member to full use of all facilities.

£138 per year

Full Family Membership 2024/25:

Full membership for up to 2 adults and 1 or more children/grandchildren who are under 18 on the subscription due date.

£212 per year

Student Membership 2024/25:

Open to individuals between 18 and 25 yours of age in full time education
on subscription due date.

£48 per year

Young Adult Membership 2024/25:

Open to anyone between the ages of 18-23 on subscription due date.

£48 per year

Social Membership 2024/25:

Social membership allows use of the club premises and all the social activities, but no water based or camping activities.

£48 per year

Under 18 Membership 2024/25:

Children under 18 years of age on subscription due date may only join the club if under the care of an existing family membership, single member or social member who should be either parent, grandparent or guardian.

£43 per year

Berth Prices 2024/25:

First Berth - £64
Second Berth - £74
Third berth - £80
Topper Rack - £27
Trailer Storage - £27
Kayak Rack - £11