Lake 26 is a beautiful location for sailing.

If just messing about on the water is your “thing” then our club’s 85 acre lake isn’t a bad place to do it. Cruising in a dinghy is a relaxed way of enjoying the watery environment and the philosophy of “going where the wind takes you” removes any stress from sailing your boat.

Alternatively, use the breeze to explore the banks of the lake in a leisurely fashion, bringing up the centreboard to float into the shallows. When the wind picks up again, tack back across the lake, making best use of the sometimes challenging Whitefriars wind. If you have time to spare, why not practise your all-important skills: sailing backwards, man-overboard drill or sailing without a rudder.

After a session going nowhere in particular, leave time to chat with other members or simply contemplate the natural beauty of our lake where the herons fish, swifts feed and the swans and grebes duck and dive. The social side of cruising creates friendships, a culture of informal learning and a huge sense of wellbeing. 

We offer safety cover on Wednesdays during the season (daytime and evening), Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and there is often safety cover on Bank Holidays. From April to October, members are free to sail at any time and a buddy system needs to be in place in the quieter months.