These Rules apply to all Users of Club Facilities


Club Whitefriars Sailing Club
Club Premises All land, buildings and Lake belonging to or leased by the Club
Club Compound: all buildings and land enclosed by the Club perimeter fence
Club Buildings: Clubhouse, Training Barn, Start Hut, and storage buildings
Lake: Whitefriars Lake, Lake 26, Cotswold Water Park
Craft: any Sailing Craft, Paddled Craft or Powered Craft
Paddled Craft: rowing boats, canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards
Sailing Craft: dinghies, windsurfers or any other craft using a sail as a means of propulsion
Powered Craft: a vessel using mechanical means of propulsion (direct or indirect)
OOD: Officer of the Day
Management Committee: The Club Management Committee as defined in the Club Constitution


1. All users of the lane access gate must lock it each time entry or exit is made unless a Club Officer has decided that for any specific period of time it may be left open.

2. All users of the access road and causeway leading to the Club Premises must keep those roads clear and must drive carefully within the speed limit of 10mph. All Club users must park their vehicles in the car park. The parking area by the Clubhouse is reserved for people with disabilities.

3. The lane access gate, Clubhouse, Training Barn and Club Compound are protected by combination locks; the codes for which are shown on the annual Membership Card. Club Members must safeguard these codes and not divulge them to others without permission from a Club Committee Member. The access numbers should not be left visible on the locks, when the gates or doors are open.


4. On days when sailing is under the direction of an OOD, the OOD is in charge of all activities taking place on Club Premises including all sailing and safety operations and the Kitchen. Club Members must comply with any instruction given by the OOD.

5. Club Members are responsible for their own safety in undertaking sailing and other activities on the Club Premises.

6. Any person taking part in activities on the Lake or stepping onto a pontoon or jetty MUST be wearing an adequate buoyancy aid.

7. Swimming in the Lake is prohibited unless as part of an instructional session and then only when wearing an appropriate buoyancy aid.

8. Any person taking part in activities on the Lake during cold or adverse weather conditions is strongly advised to wear an adequate wet or dry suit.

9. During the sailing season, Safety Boat cover is unlikely to be available other than at racing and training times. When Safety Boat cover is not available, the sailing of a sole Sailing Craft is not permitted unless the Sailing Craft is under the control of a Club Member who has achieved the competence of RYA Level 2 for that Sailing Craft.

10. Between December 27th and 31st March, if there is no Safety Boat cover, use of a Sailing Craft on the Lake will be permitted only if there is a minimum of two Sailing Craft in use at any one time and one of the Sailing Craft is under the control of a Club Member who has achieved the competence of RYA Level 2 for that Sailing Craft.

11. The OOD may order "All boats off the Lake" due to weather conditions, the lack of adequate Safety Boat cover, or other circumstances at their sole discretion. International code flag B should be flown to indicate "All boats off the Lake", accompanied by THREE x 5 second sound signals.

12. Under -16s must be under the supervision of an adult Club Member whilst on Club Premises.

13. Every child under the age of 10 years must wear an adequate buoyancy aid whilst on the Club Premises unless he or she is in the Clubhouse or Training Barn under the supervision of an adult Club Member.

14. A child under the age of 10 years is not allowed on the pontoons or jetties unless under the direct supervision of an adult.

15. All Sailing Craft and Powered Craft must carry third party insurance specific to that craft to the minimum value of £3,000,000 before the craft is put onto the Lake.

16. Any person in charge of a Craft must ensure that it has adequate buoyancy and is maintained in a sound condition before taking the Craft onto the Lake.

17. All Craft must keep at least 25 metres from any angler fishing from the banks.

18. Slipways are provided only for the launching and recovery of Craft and a Craft must not be moored so as to obstruct the slipways.

19. Any person in charge of a Sailing Craft or Powered Craft must ensure that the launching trolley is returned to its boat-berth as soon as possible after the Craft is launched.


20. Every person driving a Powerboat on Whitefriars Lake must wear a kill cord and ensure that the kill cord is engaged at all times while the motor is running.

Powerboat Driver Minimum Qualification: RYA Powerboat Level 2

Unqualified persons may only drive a Powerboat on the water if they are under the supervision of a qualified RYA Powerboat Instructor who is carrying out a training session which has been approved by one of the following: Club Commodore, RYA Training Principal, Chief Powerboat Instructor, or Chief Sailing Instructor.

Qualified drivers under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult whilst driving a Powerboat on the water.

If a person is deemed to no longer exhibit sufficient expertise to drive a Powerboat on the water by any Club RYA powerboat instructor, despite meeting the Driver Minimum Qualification, they will be notified in writing that they can no longer drive a Powerboat on the Water unless they undertake further instruction.

Powerboats may only be used for their proper purpose and joy riding in Powerboats is forbidden.


Safety Boat Driver Minimum Qualifications: RYA Powerboat Level 2 and
Either Club Safety Boat
Or RYA Safety Boat certificate

A list of Club Members who have achieved the Safety Boat Driver Minimum Qualifications will be maintained in the start hut to allow the OOD to verify that any Safety Boat in use is properly crewed. All drivers are required to provide a copy of their RYA qualification certificates to the Club Training Section.
Any person driving a Powerboat as a Safety Boat must ensure that the correct equipment is carried in the Boat at all times as listed in the SO Notes.

21. Any accident on Club Premises, which causes an injury to any person must be recorded without delay in the Accident Book which is located by the First Aid Box in the Clubhouse.

22. When a Club Member finds or is made aware that an item or piece of equipment is in a condition which is a risk to safety, or if a Club Member is involved in an event which is a risk to safety or observes such an event; they should complete a Hazard Report Form, place it in the Hazard Report Folder by the first Aid Box in the Clubhouse and notify a Duty Officer in order that the Risk can be eliminated, or the accident investigated as soon as possible.

23. In case of a Fire, Explosion or other Major Incident, the OOD, the Senior Club Officer or Official present, or the person in charge of any organised session, or Affiliated Group should consider the need to evacuate the Club Buildings and Club Compound, as well as informing the appropriate Emergency Services. The Emergency Assembly Point is the nearest car park - see Major Incident Plan (kept by the First Aid Box in the Clubhouse). Any incident involving any of the emergency services attending the Club shall be formally reported to the Management Committee by the person in charge. No statement will be made to the press without the authorisation of a Club Committee Member.

24. Recreational sailing is not allowed during Working Party events.

25. Open and Federation Meeting Days shall be restricted to a maximum of 10 days in any calendar year.

26. No fishing is allowed within the Club Compound. Angling Club Members may fish the Lake from the shore outside the Club Compound.

27. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, must not cause a nuisance and are not allowed in the Clubhouse. If a Club user's dog should foul, it is their responsibility to clear the mess.

28. Personal radios, players, and other similar devices may not be played within the Club Compound.
29. Bicycles may not be ridden within the Club Compound.

30. Smoking is not permitted within the Club Compound.

31. Club Members and Full Members of Affiliated Groups (except Angling Club Members) may use the Club Premises, including the kitchen, at any time subject to these rules but they must leave the Club Premises clean and tidy. Kitchen use is subject to the Club Food Safety Management System.

32. WSC Club Members and groups approved by the Management Committee may camp in the Club paddock, subject to fees and conditions, which shall be determined by the Management Committee.

33. Intoxicating liquor may only be supplied by a Club Member aged 18 or over, to Club Members aged 18 or over and their signed in guests aged 18 or over, between the prescribed hours contained within the Club Premises Lisense -- a summary of which is displayed in the kitchen.


34. Members’ duties are listed in, but not limited to, the duty listing in the sailing programme circulated to Club Members and as listed in the Club Dutyman system. Every adult Club Member must assist with at least one Working Party and undertake a minimum of one duty per annum. If a Club Member cannot do their allotted duties, the Club Member is required to find his or her own substitute e.g. by swapping with another Club Member. Failure to do duties may result in their Club membership not being renewed, or suspended at the discretion of the Management Committee. The Management Committee Members and Senior Instructors are absolved from inclusion in the Duty Rota, but are encouraged to volunteer.


35. Membership renewal fees are due on 1st January and failure to renew and pay by 1st February will be treated as a lapsed Membership.

36. The Management Committee has discretion to apply discounts to the Membership Subscription and Berth Fees in any circumstances that they deem appropriate. Discounts may be offered to any person joining as a result of and within 7 days of any ‘Try the Sport’ Open Days.

37. Initial entry to and final exit from the Clubhouse must be made via the padlocked door in the hallway. Duty Officers share the responsibility to ensure that all Club Buildings, including the kitchen area, wet area, lounge, the floors, toilets, showers and wash basins are left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the day’s programme. Before leaving they must ensure that the Safety Boats have been secured on their moorings, and that the lights, water and gas turned off at the appliances.

38. The last Club Member leaving is responsible for securing the Club Buildings by locking the Club Building and Training Barn and then locking the gate to the Club Compound and the lane access gate.

The Duty Officers are:
• Officer of the Day: OOD
• Assistant Officer of the Day: AOD
• Safety Boat Officer: SO
• Assistant Safety Officer: ASO
• Kitchen Supervisor: KS

(Please also refer to Rule 55 regarding WSC Limitation of Liability)

39. A Club Member may bring visitors to the Club for a maximum of three occasions per season without charge. A Club Member may not introduce more than four visitors on any one day, without the Management Committee's permission.

40. Before inviting any visitors onto the premises or to participate in events organised by the Club, a Club Members must ensure that such visitors understand and accept that they may use the Club Premises, and any other facilities of the Club, entirely at their own risk

41. Any Club Member bringing a visitor onto the Club Premises must enter the name and address of the visitor in the Visitors’ Book in the Clubhouse including the time that the visitor arrives and the time that they leave. Visitors may sail in the Sailing Craft of a Club Member provided that they are under the supervision of that Club Member at all times.

42. No more than 15 visitors may be on the Club Premises at any one time without the express approval of the OOD or a Member of the Management Committee.

43. A Visitor may apply to the Club Secretary for a Day Sailing Permit to sail their own Sailing Craft using the ‘Application for Day Sailing form’ and must sign
the insurance indemnity. The Fee for Day Sailing is set by the Management Committee.

44. A Day sailor may only sail after their Day Sailing Permit has been issued and when Safety Boat cover is available and in accordance with any instructions given by the OOD or a Member of the Management Committee.

45. The Management Committee may agree special arrangements (which must be made in advance) to allow sailing by members of Affiliated Groups.

46. An adult or youth who is not a Club Member may, at the discretion of the Training Principal, take part in any training course run by the Club.

47. Hire boats are only available for hire by Club Members.

48. A Register of Sailing Craft kept on Club Premises or authorised to be taken onto the Lake is maintained in the Club handbook and all Sailing Craft owners are required to register any change with the Membership Secretary and the Berth Park Coordinator.

49. There is no restriction on the class of Sailing Craft that can be sailed on the Lake except the practical limit of 5.5m in length. Inflatables, cabins and multihulls are not permitted, other than those approved by the Management Committee for use by people with disabilities.

50. All Craft berthed at the Club must be securely tied down when not in use.

51. No Road Trailers are to be left on Club Premises, unless marked with the owner’s name or boat class number, and either the wheel(s) or tow hitch padlocked or removed. Any non-compliant trailer found (with or without Craft) will have the wheels and/or tow hitch removed, which will be returned (not refitted) on payment of £10:00 to Club funds.

52. If at any time, any fees payable to the Club by any Club Member or former Club Member shall be three months or more in arrears and a Craft which is the property of that Club Member or former Club Member remains on Club premises, the Management Committee may:

• Move the Craft to any other part of the Club premises without being liable for any loss or damage to the Craft howsoever caused.

• Give one month's notice in writing to the Club Member or former Club Member at his or her last known address as shown in the Club Register and thereafter sell the Craft and deduct any monies due to the Club (whether by way of arrears of subscription or annual payments, berth, selling costs or otherwise) from the net proceeds of the sale before
accounting for the balance (if any) to the Club Member or former Club Member.

• Alternatively, if the Craft is unsalable, after giving notice in writing as aforesaid, dispose of the Craft in any manner the Management Committee may think fit. In such circumstances the disposal costs shall be added to the debt owing.

53. The Management Committee shall record and make available evidence to show that reasonable steps have been taken to trace a Club Member or former Club Member. If the Craft is sold, the proceeds of the sale (less any amount due to the Club) shall be held by the Club for a period of six years and shall then be added to the Club’s General Account.

54. Further, the Club shall, at all times, have a lien over a Club Member’s or former Club Member’s Craft parked or moored on the Club's premises or Club's moorings in respect of all monies due to the Club, whether in respect of arrears or mooring/berth fees or subscriptions or otherwise.


55. Sailboards, paddleboards, canoes and kayaks or similar craft, will be permitted in the boat park subject to any restriction on their location or numbers set from time to time by the Management Committee On racing days, or during other organised activities on the Lake, all such Craft may only be sailed with the permission of the OOD, or other person in charge of any event.

56. The Club does not accept any liability for personal injury or loss of property arising out of the use of the Club Premises, and any other facilities of the Club, or out of participation in any race organised by the Club, whether sustained by Members, their visitors, or caused by the said Members, visitors, to the maximum extent permitted by law. A notice to that effect shall be prominently displayed at the entrance to the Club Premises.

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