Day Visitors


We do welcome day sailors to Whitefriars Lake, simply organise Day Membership by emailing our Membership Secretary

  1. Complete the Insurance Indemnity and Application for Day Sailing form, including details of your sailing experience, the type of boat you intend to sail (NB we do not permit multi-hulls or keel-boats), your home sailing club and details of your boat insurance.
  2. Day Membership charge is £15 (per day) payable in advance to the Membership Secretary. On receipt of payment, you will be given the gate code for access to the Lake.
  3. You are required to sign-in to the Visitors Book in the Clubhouse, contact the OOD (Officer On Duty) and obtain permission to launch your boat.NB: you will need the gate access codes to access the Lake.
  4. Please advise the OOD or any Duty Staff when you are safely off the water.


  1. Day Sailing is only available when organised Safety Boat cover is present, unless agreed in advance. (Normally Wednesdays, Sundays and some Saturdays).
  2. Familiarise yourself with the club's operating procedures, particularly with regard to any other events that may be ongoing, but also with the operation of Safety Boat cover.
  3. You are required to wear buoyancy aids at all times on the water.


We reserve the right to adhere to our current Club rules, in the event of any queries please request the current Whitefriars Sailing Club members handbook.