Group Plans for 2014

Junior Group Plans 2014

The plan for the Junior sessions in 2014 is to build on the hugely successful year we had in 2013. Specifically, we are working to address the weak spots from last year. By getting people to sign up at the beginning of the year for sessions, using a financial inducement, we hope to be able to put instructors in place earlier, so allowing more time for lesson planning. We are in the process of training more junior parents to become Assistant Instructors, with the longer term view of increasing the pool of home grown DIs available to Juniors. We are also encouraging more parents to join in with helping to drive coaching boats, help in the club house and in getting boats rigged, afloat, and back off the water again. We will be running more Saturday sessions for the group, to avoid overcrowding on Sundays. The Sunday sessions will be split between Juniors and YDS to keep numbers down to a maximum of 30, rather than 40. Saturdays will continue with 40, as per2013.

Plans are also in early stages for selling some of the older, less used boats, and replacing them with more boats from the RS range. The idea is to end up with no more boats than we have now, but ones that are of more use to our students. We are looking into funding options, ranging from using the money realized from boat sales coupled with current funds, to making grant applications.

At the end of June, we plan to have a Junior Group Midsummer Weekend. Junior families will be invited to camp out at the club on the Saturday night, following a day of instruction and a BBQ. The Sunday will be used as an adventure day, involving all the members of Junior families, Junior captains and committee, and the whole of the grounds of WSC. More detailed plans will created once the season has begun and we know what people would like to see. We will stay clear of the main club as much as possible over the day, using the marquee as a base on the club side and the meadow on the far side of the water.

September will see another away weekend. Once we know what is happening to the old Sail Laser site at Weymouth, we will decide on a destination.

We are looking forward to 2014, and we hope that the main club and Junior can work more closely together than ever before.

Mid-year update - Juniors

We have over 60 members. Saturday whole of Juniors sessions have been averaging mid 30s in numbers, Sunday Stages 1-4 sessions high 20s. YDS only session had 11 students.

Parent help is now almost universal. Lunches have been excellent, and shore crew are so enthusiastic they have to be stopped from helping on occasion. Powerboat drivers show good skills and are reliable.

We are short of instructors. For some sessions, experienced sailing parents have stepped in to help, and this has worked well. However, looking forward, we need to address this, starting with improving the sailing standard of the parents, so they can train to become AIs.

Finding an SI to be on site has been a problem a couple of times this season.

We now have an excellent fleet of boats. The addition of 3 Teras, partly paid for by the Eric Twiname Trust, the rest from Junior group funds and the sale of 3 Toppers, has made a big difference to the younger students. Most sessions, almost all our boats are out, though useage of the Oppies drops off as people progress to the Teras and Toppers as the weeks go by.

The Midsummer Madness weekend
A big success. A huge amount of effort was put in by Natalie Kenyon and Steve James on the food, and the parents joined in enthusiastically. Really pulled Junior group together.

Club interaction
Improved from last year. Keeping the numbers controlled on a Sunday appears to be working, but input need from club on that viewpoint.

The future

On 19 July PM, we will be running novice races for both Juniors and adult club members. As we will still be running sessions for the juniors not taking part, we will need help from outside Juniors in preparing courses, race coaching and running the races.

Juniors away weekend
We now have 32 signed up. Closing date 19/7.

We would like to add 3 Q'bas to the fleet to replace the last 2 Toppers and the old 420, so keeping boat numbers the same while increasing useability and reducing maintainence.

To be arranged for the autumn.

Build on the things that worked this year, change the things that didn't. Actively train more AIs. Become an SI myself when possible.

Ladies Group proposals for 2014

The Ladies group are finalising plans for a packed 2014. We have taken account of members’ views and are putting together a series of structured days which we hope will provide something for all members of the group, including improvement in technique, racing, or social.
There is always a strong request for coaching and so we will aim during this year to run through the level 2 programme for those less confident, with some extended work for the more confident sailors. As some of our group do not own their own boats, or have little experience of helming, we are pleased that we can use Junior and Club boats to supplement what is in the group as this will give everyone some practice of taking control of boat on their own. We are also pleased to be able to welcome back Jennifer Miller to guide us for several of these sessions.
In view of this focus on technique, racing may take a bit more of a back seat this year. We will devote one day to this and hope to make it a fun event that everyone will feel able to join in with.
We are also reinstating our Bring a Friend day this year, which is a great opportunity to promote the Ladies Group and the Club as a whole.
One final, but exciting development is to have a day sail on the coast near Chichester. For some this may be the first time that they have sailed on coastal waters. This would not have happened without the enthusiasm of Rosemary Dillworth who is also accompanying us on this trip and helping us with some of the other sessions during the year. Thank you Rosemary.

Hazel Parks
Ladies Group Committee

Ladies Group’ – Summer update 2014

Membership stands at 17 with new members still joining. Our first 2 days in March and April were challenging, with gusty winds, but those of us who were less confident crewed for those who were unfazed by the conditions and we all got some sailing. We covered some level 2 skills such as man overboard, and had useful tips from Jen and Rosemary on how best to rig for windy conditions.

May saw all of us helming, and we are grateful for the use of club QBAs and lasers which has given those without boats of their own a chance to sail alone, and some who have boats a chance to try something different. We practised some race starts and had a couple of short races and since it was a nice day it seemed a good opportunity to have some capsize drill too.

June saw us sailing backwards and rudderless, learning more about how combinations of sail changes and weight shifts help our boats through the water, and enjoying a pursuit race.

Light winds in July has seen us learning how to pump our sails to get moving, and trying roll tacks, finishing with another pursuit race.

We will be hosting a Pimms stand at the regatta again this year.

In August we have our bring a friend day, and September is our away day in Chichester, sailing Wayfarers. Our last ladies’ day in October will be primarily a racing day.

We have again been indebted to Jen and Rosemary, their unfailing help and enthusiasm brings such a good feel to the group and they both teach us a great deal.

Whitefriars Sailability Group Report January 2014

The Group now want to build on the reasonably successful 2013 season continuing to enable disabled and less able sailors to continue to enjoy the sport or just get involved.
We hope to enhance our small group of helpers, but will not know yet how this will pan out until we see who has joined/rejoined us. We will continue with our regular Wednesday sessions (and the HANSA Open event on 14th May) but have not yet planned anything more.
The Group page on the club website is currently being updated with Dave Durston’s help.
Our operating procedures document is in the course of being updated by me and will be reviewed by the Group committee before the start of the 2014 Season. This will include an improved signing in sheet for sailability days.
We still have to check that the Club Risk assessment document continues to meet the group’s needs.
We still have some CRB checks to be completed for three of our volunteers.
Next Group committee meeting is planned for late February/early March.
Boat maintenance is planned for March.
We will continue to keep Club members informed of our activities by post notices in the club house and contributing regularly
We have not yet heard anything regarding our grant aid application. If this is accepted it will have a significant effect on our programme for the year.

Chairman, Whitefriars Sailability
12 January 2014

WSG Mid Year Update: Goals

1. 7 ‘disabled’ members at present targeting 15 by September 2014 and a Group membership of 20 against our target of at least 30 by the same time
2. WSG operating procedures approved by WSG Committee, and in place, with all WSG volunteers/helpers aware.
3. Program and Duty roster in place
4. Sailability Acheivement Scheme and Certification for Disabled Sailability members on Sailability days not yet started. Can move this forward now that more volunteers have had some formal training. Volunteer Logbook Scheme is moving forwards
5. WSG charity registration is awaiting Charity Commission response. Will require some additional work. May be acheived by end of July, but more likely August 2014
WSG Plans
1. Only had one full Group visit so far this year.
2. Hosted one dedicated Disabled Racing event earlier in the year.
3. Joined with Club with one Try the Sport Day earlier in the year. We did not advertise this well. We are supporting another Try the Sport Day in September. Our advertising campaign has already started for the September event.
4. Had one training day Disability Awareness, this weekend. Need First Aid Training too. Working with Pete Bone for this..
5. Had one taster day for Disabled sailors.
The loan of the Sailability RS Venture is now ending but whilst it was with us it did get a lot of use with people of differing disabilities. It proved to be very flexibile and could meet our needs very well.
Volunteer Training
· All Volunteers will be enrolled into the Volunteer Logbook Scheme. Assessment and training hyas already started with 3 people taking the AI course and 7 taking the Disability Awareness Course. One of the group has a Race Coaching course booked for August 2014, to be funded by the group.
· The aim during 2014 is to have at least 5 ‘Bronze’ level achievers looks on target.
· Volunteers will be coached trained as ‘Assessors’ for Sailability Disabled Logbook Scheme. AIs will help here. Care must be taken that this supports the RYA Training schemes and does not clash with their aims...............
· Funds are earmarked for Disability Training Courses and Associated materials, logbooks, certificates (and badges), First Aid Training ; and Instructor training.
Trained helpers with CRB checks
· All Sailability Lead Officers have been CRB checked using the RYA Club Scheme, before being put into positions of responsibility. CRB checks will be part of the Volunteer Logbook scheme for all new volunteers.
· funds earmarked
Taster Sessions introducing Disabled Visitors to the sport of Sailing
· Detailed records for all those attending Taster Sessions are maintained with certificates being issues to participants.
· Posters have been developed for more general display. WSG willcontinue with its positive involvement with Gloucestershire Active (for disabled sports activities in Gloucestershire). We have made contact with other groups, eg wheelchair rugby, MS society, Leonard Cheshire, Star College, Pater Noster School
· We have already run 2 Taster Sessions, with 3 more planned in 2014 . 2 of these are fully integrated with WSC Open Days/ Taster session.:
· Funds are earmarked for Sailability only Taster Sessions
Disable Sailor Training
· All Sailors will be encouraged to join the Sailability Disabled Logbook Scheme which will be rolled out during August 2014.
· Training/coaching/mentoring will be ongoing throughout the season, with formal assesments undertaken monthly.
· The aim during 2014 is to have at least 5 introductory level acheivers during 2014.
Day (or Group) Disabled Visitors
· We arel properly recording the details of all visitors and their needs. It is essential that we give them a good experience of the sport of Sailing in the right type of boats.
· We have borrowed boats, for planned sessions. Targeted marketing of the group and club is going hand in hand.
· We have earmarked funds for targeted marketing and advertising

WSC Training Plans For 2014

Whitefriars Sailing Club is able to teach sailing and power-boating using the national syllabuses of the Royal Yachting Association.
The training division’s first aim is to supply sailing & power-boating tuition in a form which is informative, enjoyable & safe on an inclusive basis for ALL its members, affiliated groups and non-members. Training for club members and affiliated member groups will always take priority.
The club also arranges in house course for its members. Every effort will be made to manage these courses using the same structures as current RYA guidelines.
Currently WSC has a number of different groups which will require an in-put from the training team at WSC; these are club members, juniors, ladies, WSC sailability and affiliated groups.
The programme for 2014 has been set to try and achieve a number of goals.
1) To arrange courses to train club racing instructors, new assistant instructors, dingy instructors and senior instructors.
No one will be put forward to become a powerboat instructor during 2014.
2) Club racing instructors are needed to help promote race training for those members who wish to take part in club racing and increase participation in club racing. My actions, to liaise with WSC rear commodore sailing and secretary when in post. In the meantime I would like to appoint a chief racing coach to manage this aim.
3) WSC sailability will have an increasing need to use qualified RYA instructors who will need disability awareness training course as will the current group of helpers.
4) To help the club gain new members and supply training for current members the training group will offer RYA level 1, level 2 sailing courses. When completed we will strive to encourage candidates to attend improve courses and race training courses. This will be offered on a mix of Saturdays, Sundays and Friday evenings.
5) In house powerboat courses have been arranged to train club members to operate club safety boats during the club racing programme. We also offer RYA level 1, 2 and safety boat courses, which are offered to club members, instructor candidates and non-club members.
6) The ladies group is managed by the group and training supplies a lady coach for 4 days of their training program. The group is also supported by a female WSC senior instructor. If possible I would like to see an expansion of the ladies group in terms of numbers and progression.
7) Costs for all courses will be published with the programme for 2014.
Bone P A.
January 2014

Sea Cadets (affiliate group) Plans for 2014

It is the aim of the Severn District Sea Cadet Sailing Team to build on our success at the Sea Cadet Area sailing competition at Portsmouth last year. We were able to utilise Whitefriars to our advantage in training our racing team prior to the competition. We achieved a 1st, 2 x 3rds and a 5th place in three different dinghy classes. This year will see us continue to teach new youngsters in the art of sailing and qualify them according to RYA standards. Early indications are that there is keen interest from units dotted around the district and I am looking forward to a busy season. We hope that integration with the club will continue and I wish to extend a massive thanks to both the Management Committee and Club members for their continued support.

Jason Gilbert

Severn District Sea Cadet Sailing

Mid year updates

This year has seen an increase in bookings from Severn District Sea Cadet Units and we are focussing on getting as many cadets through their YSS Stage 1 and YSS Stage 2. This will allow us to then concentrate on getting more hours on the water before they go for their next level(s).

We are fortunate to have had a new DI arrive in the District which will allow us to accommodate more cadets per training day. That combined with the fact that Tim Hopes is now fully inducted into the Sea Cadet Corps means we are building up our training team. We now also have an AI (Will Hopes) and an up and coming AI which adds to the pot of qualified training staff.

Our next focus is to be recognised as a Sea Cadet Sailing Centre which will make things easier to order parts for our boats and hopefully will make our bookings easier to manage – at the moment it is like pulling teeth. Following that we are looking at increasing our fleet with a potential funding request to Sport England which will buy us four RS Qubas. We aim to do this over the winter in preparation for next season. I also want to consolidate what our cadets learn on their YSS 1/2 courses and ensure that they are ready for the next stage. And above all ensure that they have fun!

We recently held our District Sailing Regatta which started off a bit slow due to a lack of wind but ended up being a massive success. I have seen a definite improvement in the standard of crews, so we must be doing something right. The next stage is to take crews to the Area sailing regatta in Portsmouth later this month.

We have also been in discussion with Sea Cadets HQ about the possibility of gaining some funding to put towards the training barn. This is ongoing and Jason is in contact with both the lead Sea Cadet sailing representative and the South West Area Officer. Both have visited Whitefriars and were extremely impressed with the club and facilities.