Dutyman and Whitefriars Sailing Club

To login to dutyman the online duty rota please click the link: Dutyman Rota

Any club runs on the strength and support of its members. Whitefriars Sailing Club is no different to any other club and the club relies on the expertise and availability of you, the membership, to staff not only our sailing program but also our training programs for adults and juniors. Without you doing your duties it would be impossible to run the programs we currently have in place.

These programs are uploaded as a Duty Program into our web based tool, Dutyman. We introduced Dutyman two years ago with two goals in mind. Firstly members could volunteer for the duty that meets their preferences avoiding the problem of the duty rota organiser having to remember who wrote what on their renewal form. Secondly members could manage their own duty allocations amongst themselves by swapping on-line.

However in order to be able to do on-line swaps we have to have a fully populated duty rota. Unfortunately only 60% of sailing program duties are filled in by volunteers choosing their own duties prior to publication of the duty rota. The duty rota organiser has to fill in all the blank duty slots so that the duty rota can be published in the Club Handbook. Once the rota has been published members are free to swap duties so that have a duty when they want it and the duty they want.

Unfortunately for OOD, AOD, SO and ASO duties we need members with a certain knowledge and expertise. The number of duties exceeds the number of members with the correct set of skills. Hence these expert members will find themselves allocated to more than one duty in the published rota. However the organiser makes every effort to minimise the number of duties per member. I would like to thank all those members who have freely volunteered for multiple duties.

The membership community are required to undertake duties as laid down in the sailing program, for clarification please see Section 3 of the Club Rules. There is no minimum number of duties specified. But the Club does run training sessions throughout the season for OOD/AOD and SO/ASO. It is important that as many members as possible attend one or other training to give more flexibility in the future.

If we cannot find enough members to undertake duties we will have to reduce the size of club sailing and training programs. If you look at the total duty program in Dutyman you will see how much we rely on members to volunteer.

In the first week of March I will be uploading the published duty rota into Dutyman. When you get your email notification please log into Dutyman to show you have seen the duty. To make it swappable please confirm by first displaying it in the roster then expanding it by clicking the i button and then selecting one of the Confirm options. At the end of the duty rota on the 1st April 2014 there are a list of members with a duty of “No Duty”. These members currently have no duty but are visible for swapping. You can then swap duties to ensure that you have the duties you want and when you want them.

Remember it is your responsibility to find a replacement to do your duty if you are unable to do your duty on this date.

For help see the videos at http://www.dutyman.biz/keyfeatures.aspx

Happy Swapping,
Best Regards,
Patrick Green
Membership Secretary