Dispelling the Sailing Myth

Sailing is often perceived as elitist and expensive: this is a great shame because it simply isn’t true. Certainly if you have a pot of gold there is no limit to how much can be spent on yachts and accessories but a local dinghy sailing club is very different. Whitefriars is focused on having fun, improving our skills and enjoying the company of like-minded water lovers.

So what does it cost?

Here are some typical costs, but obviously these are guesstimates

  • Club Fees
  • Single membership: £110
  • Family membership: £175
  • Dinghy berth: £55
  • Start-up Equipment
  • A second hand dinghy: £250 - £2000
  • Clothing: £200 – wetsuit, boots, buoyancy aid, gloves
  • Insurance: £60

Can you teach me or my family to sail?

As members you can sign up for a number of RYA recognised courses and be taught by our own qualified instructors, who are members themselves. Courses start with the basics to get you safely out on the water and right through to becoming an instructor yourself.
To support sailing we have a number of powerboats as safety craft and naturally we offer full training for their operation.

What kind of people sail?

There are members form all walks of life: Doctors, Decorators, Self-employed, Students and Candlestick-makers … sailing is the focus and most people sail to get away from work!

I’m thinking of buying a dinghy what sort do you recommend?

There are certainly plenty to chose from, both second hand and new. You need to think about maintenance: a wooden hulled boat is a thing of beauty but will require upkeep. The size of dinghy: how many people will sail: solo or with crew? Racing or leisurely: if you’re keen to race you may already know what class of boat will suit you, but picking a good boat for less demanding sailing can be tricky. If you are a member you’ll find a wealth of knowledge in the club and no shortage of informed advice.

What else is expected of me?

The club depends entirely on the enthusiasm and commitment of its members. We do not employ staff but ask every member to help for two or three sailing days during the year: that might be anything from serving tea to providing safety boat cover. Additionally we have a management committee and personal skills are always welcome in those roles as well.

I haven’t sailed for years: could someone run through the basics for me?

Absolutely. We have a mentoring scheme to help newly qualified sailors and if you’re a bit rusty then perhaps a couple of hours on the lake would help? There is no problem in retaking a L1/L2 learn to sail course – you always learn something new, no matter how experienced you think you might be!

That covers the basics but look through the rest of the website where you’ll find information on particular groups, our diary of events, photographs, useful sailing tips and much more. We also have a club brochure or if you ready to sign up an application form.
Why not get in touch with our membership secretary: he isn’t there to give you a hard-sell, but will answer your questions and arrange for you to have a look round. We look forward to meeting you!