Club catering guidelines for event organisers

The catering committee is able to offer three levels of food service for your event. Please find below some guidelines on choosing an appropriate level.

The committee very much hope you use this service and encourage you to consider providing some sort of service for your event. Please remember catering is new to WSC and we may have a few teething problems along the way.

Currently, the club can provide up to 48 meals at any one time. This is based on the amount of crockery and cutlery we have, together with some practical considerations in a kitchen our size. We can always (and will) get more crockery/cutlery if needed. However please consider how easy it will be for your participants to eat the food being offered in a sit-down format for numbers beyond 48, based on weather and use of the area outside etc. We will also liaise with outside caterers (hog roasts etc.) on your behalf, but please be aware of considerable deposits and of course costs, which would provided or controlled by the committee.

Any request for food service should be made at least two weeks before the event (considerably more for outside catering). We will work with you on suggested dishes and ask you to provide likely numbers. These dishes can be cooked in a variety of ways, including on the barbeque. Prices are dependent on your choice of food and will be clear to you when discussing the event.

In all cases those on duty on the day will need to know how many meals of what type need to be prepared. People requiring lunch will need to write their names and choice of dish on a sheet at the start of the day. Alternatively the organiser can do this in advance and pass the sheet to the kitchen in the morning.

All services include cooked-to-order snacks (e.g. bacon baps, sausage rolls) from the start of the event until around 11am, at which time the main meal(s) need to be prepared. If you believe your event’s demand for snacks will be particularly heavy, or be required in a particularly narrow window, then please make this clear when discussing the event.

Full Catering service

Three hot meal choices (one vegetarian) will be offered to be served within a notional one hour window (determined by the organiser). The organiser will need to provide two volunteers (in addition to the usual two volunteers already on kitchen duty) to assist in food prep, service and washing-up.

Partial Catering service

This is similar to the full service but the meal choice will be reduced to one hot dish and one snack meal. There will be a vegetarian choice, but it will be a snack. Again the aim is to serve up to 48 meals within a notional one hour window. One volunteers will need to be provided by event organisers.

Snack Service

On full and partial catering days there will be a member of the catering committee present to oversee your event catering. On a snack service, only the two volunteers rostered via dutyman will be present. Our expectation is that one simple meal (e.g. chilli, stew), based on defrost/reheat/serve, will be available around lunchtime. Since it is impossible to predict the skill levels of the two volunteers, you should not rely on the meals being served within an hour.

For your event, if you require more than a simple reheated meal or it needs to be provided during a particular time window, we advise you to choose either the partial or full catering option. The additional volunteers can be included in the dutyman rosters.

Your event might not be the only use of the club on the day, so we ask you to work with us to ensure whatever catering option you choose is compatible with other uses of the kitchen area.

Finally, you are reminded that events to which any reasonable invitee would assume is being run at club level should have the catering arranged by the catering committee or the outside registered catering companies.

Steve James, Catering Manager.

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