Web Collect: Online Membership Renewals

Membership subscriptions are administered online from the Website through a system called WebCollect. On its pages, you’ll find the steps you need to follow are logical and secure. You can read about the security aspect via the WebCollect security page, but if you have any feedback regarding the information you see then please contact the Membership Secretary.

No need to explain any further? Take me to the WebCollect home page

How does renewing your membership work?

Invitation Email
Ahead of the new membership year, you'll receive an email in December from the Membership Secretary inviting you to renew your membership, berth and any group subscriptions, with a link to the WebCollect page. If you've forgotten your password then that's no problem - a new one can be quickly issued by clicking a 'Send me a password' link.

Renewing existing subscriptions
Log in to your account and review the details of your subscription, check the Renew button for each subscription you wish to renew and these will be added to your basket. If you need additional subscriptions you can use Browse Subscriptions link once you have renewed.

Changing Subscriptions
If you are changing subscriptions, go straight to the Browse Subscriptions link and select the appropriate options. Be sure to let the Membership Secretary know via email about your change.

Checking Out
Once you are happy with your selection then proceed to Check Out, which may ask for extra information relevant to your choice. Remember you are also confirming your acceptance of our terms and conditions, so please ensure that your details are correct. Once the forms are completed you can confirm your renewal and select which payment type you prefer.
Payment can be made online using your bank card or you can post a cheque to the Membership Secretary. Cash payments can be made, but incur a £5.00 surcharge.

If you lose the Renewal Email
You can reach the WebCollect login page at any time:
1. From the website go to the Members drop down and click on the Update Membership link
2. Click on the WebCollect home page link
3. Click on Renew subscriptions button

Confirmation of request
Once you have accepted the terms of renewal and payment has been received, a confirmation email is sent automatically to you to acknowledge your request. If you have paid online, you will also receive a separate confirmation from PayPal.

That's all there is to it! Thank you for your cooperation.

What else can I do on WebCollect
Your WebCollect account page will show you forthcoming events such as training courses or Junior Group sessions and this is the best way to book and pay for a place on training courses and Group sessions.